May 25, 2005

Fixed Income My Ass

I was reading thisand I could not agree more. I am so sick of the "I am on a fixed income" crap from old people I could puke. I also live on a fixed income. So does almost everyone that works. I have not had a raise in four years. No one on Social Security can say that. They get a "cost of living" raise every year. Now at the point I get sick of working without getting a raise I can leave the company. My point to all of the old people is that we all live on a fixed income unless you work in commission sales. We have to live within our means. If you cannot, then you have to borrow. Welcome to life.

We owe a great debt to the "Greatest Generation" they won WWII and survived the Great Depression, I know that better than most. But now we have the Baby Boomers moving in and they are the "Me First" generation. The current group of old people and AARP punks are retiring with greater wealth than at any point in American history. Most do not need the discounts on food drugs and daily necessities. Let everyone pay the same! Us working people are paying their salary through Social Security. It is amazing how many people believe that you have an "account" where all of your Social Security goes. NOPE, it is a tax. You pay now so others do not have to work.

Then those AARPers think you should pay more at your local restaurant so they can get a discount. "Hey wait, Hoosierboy" you say, "I am not paying more". Of course you are. Do you think the restaurant or drugstore owners are going to loose money or take less profit so a segment of society can get a free ride (or at least discounted)? The overall cost goes into the prices the business charges. If businesses quit giving discounts and coupons, we would all pay less. This is basic business people.

Anyway, can we at least drop the phrase "fixed income" from our lexicon? While we are at it how about the term "Senior Citizen"? They are old people, octogenarian, whatever. How about leaches on society? I do not mind helping out the elderly in need. That was the true purpose of Social Security. It was designed to be a supplement, not a retirement fund. Can we implement some means testing? As an example, Bill Gates will get SS. He will qualify for the free cheese giveaways. You and I will support him and his bloody "fixed income".

Give me a break.

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