July 23, 2005

Weekend grab bag II

In several posts below I linked to some very good blogs. They are in my daily reads.

On occasion I jump the electronic waves to see what other people are working on. Here is a sampling from masterchief60.blogspot:

I live on a different planet called Ariho (Pronounced Ahr- EE- ho) with the Dragons of Bloodbound.

Is this weird or what? Maybe this sounds like fun to you from damfinoblog.blogspot:

SO - Saturday, August 6th, a group will form and make their way the only way they know how. Right over to Jordan Creek 20plex for a viewing of "The Dukes of Hazzard." Shocking.. I know. But here is the catch - we are going dressed up in total hick/cowboy getup. I am in the process of getting some boots (cowboy boots... hard to get free ones and I ain't buying them) and I am frantically searching for the appropriately hick belt buckle!

There has been a lot of discussion about Ebonics as a language lately, but there is a whole new issue with language among high schoolers. This new language is the stepchild of instant messaging and text messaging. I fear that grammar and spelling will soon go the way of albums and reel to reel tapes. Here is an example from queenyazi22210.blogspot:

Im already gettin Jitters about the new school year. Sumtimes I have this vision of who i wanna be in my head but then I flake out at the last minute. It sux. But I just got new Hurleys(with palm trees on them) and a ton of cool , on sale, stuff from Abercrombie(can u say tunic) so I think im ready. well w/e. Comment all your emaressing school moments and back to school jitters, I guesse this monthe is named "jitter month". so comment plz!!

Am I the only one who thinks this is insidious and ridiculous? Help me!


Anonymous said...

I would have said insipid- but that's just me. Whatever the case, yeah, ridiculous.

WWWGeek said...

I'm right there with you. Without proper grammar and sentence structure these kids have no chance.

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