August 10, 2005

The DaVinci Code

According to the Today Show, Christian groups are already in a tizzy over the upcoming movie based on the bestseller The DaVinci Code. I have read the book and here is what I have to say:

Get a life, people. You see, the book is FICTION. The author says so. The Library of Congress says so, and so will your local bookseller. If you do not like what the book says, do not read it. If you do not like the plot, do not see the movie. If you honestly believe this movie will do irreparable harm to Christianity, you have little faith. If you believe this movie will cause some individuals to no longer believe, that person was on the edge already. Those who want the film stopped are no different than the crazy Mooselimbs who wanted to kill Rushdie over his book about Islam (The Satanic Verses). It is just a book/movie.

I read the book, it was entertaining. It did not cause me to change my beliefs in any way. Listen up. Those aliens that attacked in War of the Worlds -- fiction, it did not happen. That little girl who pissed on the floor in The Exorcist -- was not possessed by the Devil. The dude did not knock out all the lights in The Natural. No one comes from a cornfield to play ball. All policemen are not in the employ of the Mob, no matter what you saw in The Godfather movies. The Blues Brothers did not save an orphanage. THESE ARE ALL FICTION. So is the DaVinci Code. See it or don't, but it is of no interest to you to make it more "Christian friendly" or to stage elaborate boycotts. Relax, move on, nothing to worry about here.


Anonymous said...

Exactly right. It's fiction, get a life.

On the other hand: Dan Brown has a long standing and well known liberal and anti-christian (most specifically anti-catholic) agenda. Don't make him any different than millions of others, but the concern is that people get to believing his bullshit.

This too shall pass, it's like the "chariots of the gods" kerfluffle in the 70's when Eric von Danikken tried to get everyone to believe we were descended from aliens. Only the weak minded still believe this, as only the weak minded will buy Dan Brown's crap.

GUYK said...

Being one who figures that the bible is also mostly fiction I can't see that it makes a lot of difference. I can believe the DeVini code as easily as the bible and don't believe either.

What I can't understand about the militant Christian right is why they figure it is okay to use the law to push their agenda but then scream like a raped ape over a book of fiction. The only difference I see in radical Islam and Militant right wing Christians is that the Islamists are using guns. The Christians have progressed burning heritics at the stake and use the law to persecute.

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note,.I could not get past the second chapter of his poorly written book. And I read a lot of books. Does everything have to be political with you people?

WWWGeek said...

I take great objection to guyk's characterization of my faith, but out of respect that it is not the topic at hand, I will let it pass.

As for the book... I completely agree with you. Those who take this book as the truth are the type of people who believe most anything. While it is written as if it was true, it is just fiction with no historical or archelogical support.

Anonymous said...

Theresa: pretty much everything IS political. To deny it is to deliberately stick your fingers in your ears. Everyone has an agenda. Including you. Including me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, man, for once I agree with you. ITS A BOOK. Chill people.

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