August 11, 2005

Oh my aren't we the stubborn one.

I will be the last to admit am a bit stubborn. I have been called a bulldog. I get an issue in my teeth and hold on until I win, or you give up. As you might see by reading the posts on this site I like to be right. I like to have acknowledgement that I am right.

I do not give up easily. I will not let two of my favorite blogs defeat me. I will continue checking you, Rachel Lucas, every day. Your gackles will not wear me down. You Queenie, one of my favorite spots, want to humble me into submission by a blank page. Your lack of posts is like a flash of milky white thigh, I have to have more. Hah, I laugh at you both. I will click on the link every day until you post or the site disappears. I have checked the Infidel every day for 85 days. I will still be there 85 days from now. Queenie, I dream of you.

I want to be perfectly clear, this post is in NO WAY A CONDEMNATION of those who no longer blog. What they do with their time is none of my business. What they do or do not post is of no consequence to me. I will not give up on you, I enjoy your writings, I will be here if you ever come back. That's me, outside in the bushes checking out the your blog to see if I can catch a glimpse of anything new. Do not be alarmed.

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Alli said...

I thought I was the only one that still checked Rachel Lucas' blog. I liked her, she was funny.

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