August 1, 2005

Hoosierboy to Palmeiro -- You, Sir are a cheater.

Look it was marginal that he would ever make the Hall of Fame. Now I think the confirmed steroid use will ensure he never sets foot into the hall. He is a cheater. In my mind he had done more damage to the game than Pete Rose. Both were liars and cheaters. Here was Raphael Palmeiro's emphatic quote to Congress:

"Let me start by telling you this: I have never used steroids. Period. I don't know how to say it any more clearly than that. Never."

Those that may have or definitely have used steroids have cheated the game. This offense against good order, in my mind, is on the same magnitude as the Black Sox, Rose's gambling, and Sosa's corked bat. They are cheaters, and should be treated as such. Too bad Palmeiro, said to be one of baseball's toughest outs, has tarnished his reputation forever.

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Anonymous said...

Great post. Now if he would only bow out gracefully, like most honest human beings would. Doubtful.

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