August 20, 2005

Morality Test Answers

The candidate who was hired (out of 200 applicants) had no trouble coming up with his answer. He simply answered: "I would give the car keys to my old friend and let him take the lady to the hospital. I would stay behind and wait for the bus with the partner of my dreams."

Sometimes, we gain more if we are able to give up our stubborn thought limitations. Never forget to "Think Outside of the Box."

HOWEVER...., I like my Brother's answer better: run the old lady over and put her out of her misery, have sex with the perfect partner on the hood of the car, then drive off with the old friend for a few beers.

I just love happy endings.


Anonymous said...

Damn. I thought of that later. Oh well.

GUYK said...

No wonder I didn't get hired for the job. I wouldn't trust my best friend with my sweetthing let alone my pickup.

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