September 13, 2005

A Cautionary Tale

The Texas border was porous. Legal immigrants and Illegals were coming in at impossible numbers. Most of the State had more immigrants than native inhabitants. The business owners encouraged the immigration because the immigrants were willing to do work the natives would not. Some of the immigrants opened small businesses.

They came to Texas with the understanding they would melt into the local customs and language. Soon, as their numbers increased, the immigrants insisted that their native language be used. The State became bi-lingual. They complained the courts were unfair, so translators were provided.

Soon the immigrants became fed up, they had their own culture and traditions, they wanted to celebrate their own holidays in their own ways. The Government tried to crack down, close the borders, but it was too late.

The immigrants feared their freedoms would be taken away, they formed militias, raided an armory. The Government sent a squad of troops to get back the guns. The Government troops were ambushed outside of town. Civil War was imminent.

The colonists/immigrants declared their independence, forsaking the agreements made with the Government when they crossed the border. The Government sent an army to restore order. The immigrants, now insurgents, holed up in an old church. The army general pleaded with them to surrender. They told him to go to hell.

The general sent in his superior troops, the insurgents were wiped out to a man.

You may say this could never happen. It is said history is written by the victor. The General was himself defeated by the insurgents a month later. You may have figured it out. Texas was born. The church was the Alamo. The rest is true.

When it comes to immigration, maybe we should study our own history, lest it is repeated.

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GUYK said...

It has been said that possession is nine tenths of the law. This is more true than most people understand. Every country on earth today has been possessed and repossessed over the eons. Even China which was over run and governed by the Manchurians. No country in Europe has the same inhabitents that it had even 1500 years ago. As a new people move in they either absorb the old people and cultures or are absorbed by them. Or, a combination of the two. The USA is no different-nor is Mexico for that matter. texas was won and held by mostly Americans but their were also many Spaniards who participated in the revolution. But mexico was taken from the natives by the Spaniards whosettled it and held it. Possession is nine tenths of the law. No one should ever try to make a moral judgement on history-or history in the making such as in the Palestine-RE: the Israeli palestinaiin conflict.

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