September 13, 2005

What a sleazebag

LBJ just may have been the most sleazy, corrupt President in history. Compared to him, some of Clinton's antics are Cub Scout pranks. They do have a similar pattern of making sure people around them end up dead.

I was doing some research for a post on Abe Fortas, the only Chief Justice candidate to be voted down by the Senate. His ties to Johnson and all of the bad and scary people involved become so complicated I am not sure I have the patience to sort it out. I am becoming more and more convinced that Oswald shot Kennedy, but there were a whole lot of people behind it including Johnson and the Mob. I am not one of the conspiracy nuts, but there is a lot of strange coincidences out there.

Bobby Baker was LBJ's long time secretary and aid. He was also good friend of Meyer Lansky and Sam Giancana. Baker helped set up JFK and Communist spy Ellen Rometsch. JFK was also screwing Giancana's girlfriend. Baker was involved in the Don Reynold's affair and the subsequent leaking of Reynold's FBI file. Baker's secretary was one Nancy Tyler. Tyler died in a plane crash. Her roommate was one Mary Jo Kopechne. Mary Jo died when she was driven off a bridge by one Edward Kennedy...

Is there a single honest politician out there?


Anonymous said...


thanks for the rolling, i'll be back...

GUYK said...

I doubt it! There are no doubt some that enter politics as honest people but politics in itself is corrupting. The game is about compromise and to compromise means that that one has to give up a little to take a little. But before long it becomes giving up a lot to take a lot and the ethics and stance that got them elected is compromised forever. Bush Sr took a stand on taxes-compromised to get what he wanted and then had the compromise stuck up his butt by the democrats. But, Clinton compromises and got some programs passes such as the welfare reform bill-over the ademate objections of most of his party-and the republicans still stuck it to him. And the hell of it is that when the committes get together to investigate you know damn weel hey are in the process of covering for each other. Honor among thieves.

But, it is still the best form of government ever know thus far. Probably the very best form of government for a short period of time is a benevolent dictator. However, there is no orderly transfer of power and no assurance that the next dictator will be benevolant. I'll take a constitutional republic any time-and fight to keep the public from turning it into a democracy which is the most dangerous government of all!

Anonymous said...

Honest politicians don't get elected. It won't happen, you don't get people voting for you by being honest, you get people voting for you because you convinced them that the other guy is evil and worthless. People would rather have excitement over honesty. Sick sad truth of the inner sanctum of both parties. (yeah no one tell my boss that I just wrote this... )

Yossarian said...

oswald did shoot kenedy. trust.

also american university does a reenactment every semester where they prove oswald did it.

its hard to believe a mouse can kill an elephant.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

*Bows graciously to HoosierBoy*
And you didn't even have to bring up the fact the bastard was making passes at Jacquie before JFK was even cold in his box. As Will Rogers said, "Honesty is not an issue in politics...That would be a miracle!"

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