September 11, 2005

I hope you are paying attention

Look at this picture. Remember how you felt. Read my previous post. If you voted for one of the people listed below (and they are ALL from the same party) you should probably be asking yourself a lot of hard questions.


Anonymous said...

I have the hardest problem remembering to breathe when I see pictures of that day. So much of it just comes crashing back and then I start to get angry all over again. Not a passing annoyance a deep seated anger that makes my blood boil and triggers that RCOB effect. America is like that I think. A friendly giant that will extend the hand of help to anyone, slow to anger but with a deep resolve. Well I think the majority of America is like that, but there will always be the little yapping part that cries for understanding and blame.

(sorry for eating up your space HB, that all just kinda came out)

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I predicted (too accurately) that it wouldn't be a week before ABCNNBCBS trotted out some limp-wristed, goatee-bearded, Coke-bottle-glassed, effeminate-voiced headshrinker to blame/bash America and insist we "open a dialogue" and "develop an understanding" of the murdering Islamic fanatics.
I think it was the Today show that had Michael Moore-on out on 16SEP01 carping that dreck!
We are still too dependent on the ragheads for our fuel, and while the left faction of the Kakostocracy might wanna still hold hands and sing Kumbaya, I say the one or two who won't try to kill you aren't worth rummaging through the chest full of ones that'll blow up in your face to find.
Just sayin'.

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