September 11, 2005

Sunday grabbag

The little one played his first football game of the year yesterday. He quarterbacked the team to an 18-0 drubbing of the competition. He had two runs, one 20+ yards and the second run of more than 45 yards that ended with a desperate pull of the back of his shoulder pads to drop him on the one yard line. Boy was he pissed. He wanted that touchdown. After the game one of the officials came over to tell me how good the team was, and how impressed he was by the team's skills. He said they were clearly well coached. 'Course I blushed and gave rightful credit to my assistants.

Did you see the mayor of Myrtle Beach give a big ol' bitch slap to the Today Show sub/Katie Couric clone? She was discussing hurricane preparedness and asking him if he was afraid that FEMA would screw up his city like they did Nawlins if Ophelia was to hit. He only had good things to say about FEMA and said that the FEDS should only come in afterward, that preparedness was a local issue. No matter how she tried to spin it, he just softly told her she was wrong and subtlely smacked the mayor of Nawlins and the LA Gov, buy pointing out it is locals who have to act!

Purdue, IU, Notre Dame, and Wabash were winners yesterday. More importantly, Ohio State and Michigan both lost. Spurrier did too. The Colts play tonight, we will see what they have. My Cubbies have blown it again this year, will the Colts also let me down?

In all, a pretty good weekend.


GUYK said...

It was a damn fine weekend!The Tampa Bay Bucs won on the road against the Vikings with the defense holding a vaulted Viking offense to just two field goals. They beat Culpepper like a redheaded step child and Cadilac Williams proved he is for real. It may be an interesting year watching the Bucs afterall!

Anonymous said...

Good job Coach!!!

Grampapinhead said...

lifted a quote and linked this, Tue sep 13, thank you

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