September 13, 2005

No Cheating

Without googling or using any other search engine, does anyone know the significance of this guy:

Joe "Ducky" Medwick.

I will give you two hints:

one of nine.



Anonymous said...

Never heard of 'em.

GUYK said...

A catcher for the Boston Black soxs? A bouncer in a democratic run whore house? One of Hillary Clinton's secret lover? One of Bill Clintons lovers? naaa you said one of nine.

Bane said...

Yeah, my first guess was Black Soxs, but Guy beat me to it.

Yossarian said...

fucking st louis cardinal hall of famer bro.

Joe said...

Yossarian you are right. Ducky was the last National Leaguer t owin the Triple Crown (1937). The Triple Crown has only been accomplished by 9 players the Last time in '67 by the great Yaz.

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