September 16, 2005

Three wishes for the Hoosierboy

Alli tagged me again. Here is the meme of the week:

List three things that you want and the reasons you want them. Then tag three people to do the same. Bonus points if they start with the letter M.

1. Money -- just like everyone else

2. More time to read, watch movies, spend with my kids goof off, blog

3. Magic -- the ability to go back in time, to actually experience history, not read about it.

I think, Alli, that is THREE bonus points.

Feel free to list your three wishes.


Anonymous said...

yay for comment spam and bonus points. I'll buy you a beer sometime, does that pay for the bonus points? :-)

GUYK said...

1. My sweetthing back in perfect health again. She is a wonderful woman but age has caught up with her-as it has me- and she is in a lot of pain all the timefrom some crippling diseases.

2. I just want to keep my health and live long enough to be able to take care of her.

3. That a long line of democrat leaders would line up at my front door and long line of republican leaders would line up and my back door. The I would invite each and every one of them to kiss my ass and I will flip a coin to see which party gets to go first.

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