September 1, 2005

Thursday Ramblings

According to a radio report I heard earlier today, the Mayor of New Orleans is blaming President Bush for the levees failing. She says the Federal Government knew the levees were bad and did nothing. Why in the ff..heck should the people of the United States be responsible for the levees in the city of New Orleans? It is high time somebody pointed out that the powers of the Federal Government are limited, and the Constitution is designed for locals to take care of local problems. If your town has bad levees, you should pay the appropriate taxes to fix them. Earlier this spring, my town was hit by floodwaters. It was feared the nearly 100 year old earthen levees were going to break. Water surged over the top in some areas. It is our responsibility to fix those levees, not the state, certainly not the citizens of North Dakota or Washington, or Georgia.

Can we get this agreed NOW, GW Bush did not cause the Hurricanes. Nor did global warming, or the removal of people from Gaza.

I have given up on the Cubbies. Maybe next year.

My wife recently bought me a 8x10 glossy of my favorite actors/singers this is a copy. Can you get any cooler than the Rat Pack? Only Elvis comes close. I will discuss Elvis and my trips (yes plural) to Graceland in some upcoming posts.

Has blogging jumped the shark? So many have quit, all that remains are a few good blogs and a lot of bad blogs (you decide where this one fits). Maddox, the DuToits, Den Beste, Queenie, Rachel Lucas (again),RTG, so many of my favorites either are quitting or rarely post anymore. The Instapundit has become a boring club, IMAO is no longer funny, and the Georgia bloggers just seem to fight like a bunch of school children. I can't find anything to even post about. Is it all going off the falls in a leaky barrel? Only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Blogging like all hobbies goes through streaks. Once interesting politcal things start happening again we'll be allover it. Just a mtter of people hanging in there 'til things don't suck anymore. :)

GUYK said...

Lots to blog about! Family-don't you have at least one you want to piss off! Friends-just don't call names and they all will think that you are either talking about them or else point fingers at each other. Politics- Will Rogers said anytime he needed new material he just read the papers because politicians can't help being funny.
Religion-serious stuff and funny stuff and just lots to write about there alone. History-and you are damn good at it. I've got a degree in it and damn near completed a Ma but don't write it as well as you do.

In short, I suspect that you are about as full of shit as I am-you said you were a salesman and that what it takes to make a living in sales. I know-I did it for years.

GUYK said...

Oh, by the way, since you needed
something to write about-you done been tagged by the fat redneck!

Alli said...

Oye I feel you on the Cubbies too. Its been dead depressing lately. I'm loyal as all get out, but I can't even watch the games anymore without weeping into my coke. :(

Oooh taggage. :runs to go read the meme-ness:

Jenifer D. said...

Aww, it'll be okay buddy! You always have my blog site to check out. :)

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