September 2, 2005

Why do I do this to myself?

I clearly am a masochist of the worst order. I must want to die early from a stroke. I watched the Today Show this morning, and as usual, my blood pressure skyrocketed, my anger peaked. Every time I watch this crap I spend the rest of the morning pissed off.

According to "Lefty Lauer" and his gang, the lack of water and supplies in New Orleans is all the President's fault. He has blown it, and he will pay a price politically. Chris "Commie" Mathews went to far as to infer that the whole sad situation is racially motivated. He tried to make it look like the whites, the wealthy, the middle class were deliberately withholding the aid. Who the fuck does he think has contributed the 95 million dollars already donated in four days -- Welfare queens, looters?

There is one criticism I will agree with. The Department of Homeland Security and FEMA are proving they are not prepared to handle a major disaster. If this is the organization these departments bring to a crisis, I fear the results of a major attack or nuclear detonation in an urban area. If news crews can get to the city center to film the conditions, why can't trucks with water and food get in?

The relief efforts should be coordinated from a local level. I have to see the organization on the ground by the mayor of New Orleans or the Governor. Rudy G they are not.
I just heard on the radio that Indiana is sending a contingent of over 200 State personnel to Mississippi. The group includes health care workers, civil defense and FEMA representatives, National Guardsmen, and State Police Troopers (who have been granted police powers via an executive order by the Governor of Mississippi).


GUYK said...

I don't really blame anyone for the problems other that the people of New Orleans themselves. Go to and read what he has tosay. He lives in western La and knows well the problems of New Orleans. The sad part is that every major city in the USA has similar problems. It is just on a scale of 0ne to ten with ten being the worst New Orleans is a ten! He has several articles about this disaster written from the perspective of someone very familiar with the city and La politics. I have to agree with him-it was a damned if they did and damned if they didn't situtaion and are doing the best they can under the circumstance. Plus, if I was trying to evacuate people in destress and got shot at by the very people that I was trying to save they would be ON THEIR OWN! These people have been biting the very hand that feeds them for decades and now it is coming home to them. What comes around generally goes around.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

When they go to rebuild New Orleans, here's a few ideas that would be a good start:

A massive array of steel-reinforced concrete pylons driven every hundred yards or so, extending below the ground half their lengths, and reaching up to 10 feet ABOVE sea level.

Surround same with a concrete levy.

20 feet from the top of the pylons, an interconnecting network of steel-reinforced concrete braces and supports.

Fill in the area within the levy with stone, concrete and earth on top a depth of twenty feet.

With this as the new foundation, then set about reconstruction.

It won't prevent the new city from being hit by another hurricane, nor will it be totally indestructable, but it will allow reconstruction on a hell of a lot better footing than 500 freaking feet below the ocean!
This idea makes too much sense for the politicians to ever consider it, but it's a thought.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand the people surprised by flooding. You live below sea level, hello you're going to flood.

That said, I'm sorry that so many people have died. :-(

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