September 29, 2005

The war in Iraq

The Delftsman has as good a summary as I have read about the Iraq war. He responds to the "left's" criticisms of the war in a sincere, no-nonsense, logical manner. Read it and agree.

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GUYK said...

I read a article by Freidman this morning that I have to agree with and I am not usually in agreement with Friedman. He allows that if the Iraqi constitution is approved then stick around long enough to help them set up a government. If it is not approved then arm the Shiiti and Kurds and get the hell out and let them fight it out. he doesn't seem to think the Shiiti will let Iran step in and if the Sunni wins they damn sure will not let the Iranian Shiiti come in. Looks like a win win policy to me and I have a suspicion that is what Bush has planned. By the way, I wrote a rant on your article and links below and linked you to it. Thanks for the idea.

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