October 24, 2005

I need a little bread and cheese...

I miss record albums. I miss the artwork. The tiny little picture on a CD does not give you the medium for great cover art. It is like seeing a copy of your favorite painting on a postage stamp. Something is lacking.

I miss the liner notes. I miss the insert with a poster or pictures of the artist you could sometimes find.

I miss the fact that you could actually open an album without a knife, chainsaw, bolt cutters, machete, bleeding fingers and a lot of swearing. Does anyone else hate the white label they use to seal the CD shut? Sometimes there are two of them. I bought a new CD Saturday.* I thought I would listen to it at lunch. Of course, it took me a significant portion of my lunch hour to try and get the stupid label off. As usual, it came off in little pieces. The edges were sealed down with the mystery glue that will not release to fingernail or knife pressure. I suggest they use that shit to seal down the tiles on the space shuttle and we would not be redesigning our space vehicle.

Am I the only idiot who has problems with the labels on CDs and DVDs?

*Neil Young's Greatest Hits (I wanted the new Rhino Yes live compilation, but I was unwilling to spend $49.00. Are you reading this Santa?)


Anonymous said...

A few months ago, I listened to some old LPs while I was doing bills. It soon became very annoying to get up and flip the album after 5-6 songs. I have about 500 45s that I haven't listened to in years. I like the convenience of CDs. Just get an Exacto knife to cut thru the plastic wrap. Fingernail polish remover will sometimes remove the sticky label glue.
Rock on, HB!

Anonymous said...

You are definitely not the only one. :-)


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