October 20, 2005

Poor, Poor Allen Iverson

The NBA recently decided they needed to improve their public image. Of course we are getting the typical response from these over-paid cry babies. Stephen Jackson of the Pacers thinks the whole thing is racially motivated. Of course Stephen, maybe many of us would not think you are street thugs and "gangstas" if you did not dress like a Washington DC drug dealer. I am sure you see no conection between your thugery in Michigan last year and the idea that the NBA needs to clean up its image? Look in the mirror and see the reflection the rest of us see.

I have even more scorn for Marcus Camby and that paragon of public image, Allen Iverson. They both claim that if the NBA wants them to dress differently, the NBA should give them a clothing stipend. Take it from someone who makes significantly less than 1% of your pay, Iverson, you get no sympathy here. Not only do I have to wear the now prescribed business casual clothing I also have to wear a suit and tie on occasion. It is part of the image my employer demands and expects. He wants me to look professional. It may be more my style and personal image to wear jeans and a Nike T-shirt, but that will not send the image my company wants me to project. To add shock upon awe to you NBA thugs, I PAY FOR MY OWN CLOTHING. Yes, I spring for the Dockers and golf shirt. I buy the suit, the tie, the wing tips myself. I know it will be hard for clean-cut all American NBA ballers like Spreewell to manage (he just wants to feed his family), but you can get a pair of Dockers for less than $40. You can get a suit at Penney's or Sears for just over $100. A decent suit will cost about $400-500. Of course I am aware most of you need the big and tall stuff, but you can still get a tailor made suit for less than $1000.

Poor Allen, how will you afford to buy a new set of clothes? Based on your latest 4 year contract you will make more than $76 million. That equates to about $3,897 per minute of playing time. I think you can contribute about 20 seconds of pay to buy five new pairs of pants, and a half dozen shirts.

Get over it.


Anonymous said...

I heard Iverson's learned statement about the issue on the radio this morning. Good thing for him he can play basketball.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on this one. Everyone has some sort of dress code, whether you are a business professional, a waitress, or a cop. Dont cry about having to dress in nice pants and a shirt for a few hours before your game and an hour afterwards. Making millions of dollars has its benefits, but you also have some rules to follow as well. You are not the king of the world.

GUYK said...

Looks like te NBA is trying to rid itself of the thug image. The best way to do this is to rid itself of the thugs. If the NBA every starts playing basketball again instead of roughhouse I might try to watch it again. But I get no thrill out of thugs elbowing their way to the basket so they can dunk a ball. If I want to blood I watch boxing or hocky. I am beginning to believe the only true sport left is fishing and hunting. Pro tourney fishing is about to ruin bass fishing and its a damn good thing there are no hunting tourneys

Anonymous said...

Well after the basket-brawl of last novemeber, I'm not surprised that the Pacers at least want to clean up their image. This is the 3rd time in a year the NBA has been called "Racist".... Last year was when they asked for the tatoos visible to fans to be non-gang related. The Celtics got pissed. And I had to write a paper about it in my "Multiculturalism" class. Nightmare... I just wish the Pacers could play ball and leave politics and violence out of it... jerks.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Fuckin' 'ey!
I thought major-league baseball was the Crybaby Millionaire's club when Daryl Strawberry went to Steinbrenner and told him he "just couldn't make it" on 8 million a year. Hey wife-beatah, hand me the check. I'll show you how it's done, and even with New York's confiscatory taxation, I'll have change left over.
Of course, I don't have a growing crack habit to support!

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I don't watch NBA, especially when there's football on.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Boo hoo.
Poor little rich guys.

(Can you believe a Republican just said that?!)

Man, I could just work a minute or two a week and I'd be all set at that rate!

josh said...

your gay

Joe said...

Wow Josh, your intellect slays me. Thanks for your thoroughly intellectual comment.

James Old Guy said...

Black Leadership at its finest.

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