November 8, 2005

The fuse in the powder

Go read this. I will wait. I do not know about you, but I have taken secret delight in the nightly burning of French cars. Reap what you sow, says I. Next I ask when are the papers and MSM going to come right out and mention these acts are being done by Muslims? Then I want to point out that if you think these riots are random, not planned by radical leaders of the Religion of Peace, you are a fool. Then the deeper thought hits me, are we so far from this happening here in the USA? I was going to write a long post on that, but katies dad beat me to it.

Am I paranoid? Is our Government refusing to look at the dynamite being packed around our ankles, just waiting on the fuse to be lit? Will my grandkids live in a world of anarchy and civil war?

The Red Sox and White Sox win World Series. The Colts beat the Patriots. The Bengals are winning football games. Is the END really at hand?

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