November 8, 2005

Is this what it has come to?

Bill Belichick, owner of the Colts collective pysche, finally was defeated by a mirror of his own style. The Colts came with a swarming defense. The Colts ate up the clock with long drives, keeping the Patriot offense off the field: the same prescription used by the great Belichick for years against the high-powered Colts offense. Last night Belichick resorted to on-side kicks and go-for -broke fourth and a mile plays to try and get his exhausted an beleaguered defense off the field. Finally, in desperation, he threw in the towel -- the red towel that is -- to review an obvious touchdown, just to give his guys a rest. The Patriots, those of the phantom injuries in the past, were no match for the relentless Indy no huddle offense. Seeing the defense butts dragging, Big Bill in desperation did the only thing he could -- he stalled, violated the very idea of the review rag. I guess Willie McGinnist just was too tired to fake another injury. This is the best the great and vaunted Belichick could come up with?

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