December 11, 2005

Esiason -- you are wrong again

For what I think is the ninth of the 13 weeks so far, I think the legendary (in his mind) Boomer Esiason has predicted the Colts will lose. They won their 13th in a row. The score was not as close as it seemed. The Colts can score at will and hold the opponent when they need to. They can play a tough, physical game, a finnesse game. Whatever the opponent brings, the Colts gobble it up.

Go ahead, Boomer, choose San Deiego next week. Do you think Manning will have any success against that vaunted number 24 pass defense? LT will get his yards, but Can SD keep up with the Colts offense? Want a scoring contest? I know who I will take.

Until you pick against the Colts next week I offer you this Boomer: eat me.

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