December 11, 2005

He Lives !

Sorry for my lack of posting this weekend. The boys have been on the computer literally from early in the morning until well into the next. I forgot to load some pix or cartoons so I did not even get 5 minutes to put up a post.

I took the little one sledding Friday afternoon. He snowboarded, while I used my trusty Flexible Flyer from my youth. I heard one little kid tell his dad to look at my funny sled. The dad replied that my sled is the "old fashioned kind". I knew they were all laughing behind their plastic sleds and disks until I launched myself down the hill and flew faster and further than anyone. Punks.

I was shoveling out my driveway Friday morning. We got about 8 inches of snow. A guy came around with a shovel trying to earn a few bucks. He wanted to know if there were any old people around that might need him to shovel. I suggested the house next door. He came back a few minutes later. He said they gave him $20 to clean off the porch and shovel a path to the mailbox. Asshole, I should have gone over there myself -- or sent the boys. The story of my life: missed financial opportunities.

We will have a big battle today, I think. The wife and Christmas shopping vs. Hoosierboy wants to watch the Colts. Anyone want to take a bet on who wins?

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