January 26, 2006

Books, Books, Books

I love books. I always have. I read all the time. I read at lunchtime. I read after work. I read in the evenings. I usually read two books a week, sometimes more. I like to own them, but I often get them at the library, it is much cheaper. Right now I am reading the Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell. I think I only have two more to read, I will then have to say goodbye to Sharpe and Harper, I will miss these good fictional friends.

Dax has an interesting post about what albums and records have had a strong influence on your life. I will steal his idea with a twist. What book(s) have had a profound influence on your life?

I was enthralled as a youngster with Tom Sawyer, The Call of the Wild and Robin Hood. I wanted so bad to be the boy in My Side of the Mountain. I have read the Bible, and the Koran. I read a complete set of encyclopedias one summer. I read a dictionary, just for the hell of it. Go ahead ask anyone in my family -- they will tell you it is true, and how weird I am! I went through my Catcher in the Rye phase, Lord of the Flies grabbed me, and was hooked on the Monkey Wrench Gang and A Confederacy of Dunces. I have read every book by Louis L'Amour. I was given the L'Amour book Tucker by my Grandfather shortly before he died, and it has remained a favorite I have read repeatedly. I remember stealing my mom's copy of The Summer of '42 when it first came out( I was maybe 10), and I read several times the Cain Mutiny.

I would have to say the books that had the most profound influence on me, other than the Bible are A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, and the play Our Town by Thorton Wilder.

How about you? What books grabbed you by the throat and shook you like a rabid pitbull?

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