February 6, 2006


Imagine this scenario: the ancient, gigantic statues of Buddha are destroyed in Northern Afghanistan and thousand upon thousands of adherents to Buddhism attacked the embassies of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria,Iran and Indonesia. Buddhists eschewe their non-violence to beat to death Muslims. Several Mosques are burnt to the ground. Muslim schools are targeted by terrorists.

Imagine this: the Church of the Nativity is desecrated in Bethlehem. Christians all over the world are outraged. Muslims are shot on sight. Families are murdered for following the teachings of the Koran. In the Philippines, young Muslim girls are raped and beheaded. Mosques are firebombed. Millions show up to protest outside of Arab Embassies. Al Jazeera newsrooms are targeted by suicide bombers. At least two Muslim reporters are lynched in the US. Kamikaze planes are flown into the Iranian National Assembly Building with significant loss of civilian life.

Imagine this: Christians rise up and take over the Sofia Cathedral in Istanbul, these terrorist claim that the site is a historic Christian Holy site. All references to the Mosque on the site are destroyed and adherents Islam are forbidden to worship at the site. Christians go on a years -long terrorist binge, bombing restaurants, schools, buses, hotels, nightclubs and Ramadan feasts via suicide bomber.

What would be the reaction of Europe, of America, of the UN if Christians and Buddhists became terrorists? Would such actions be considered sane, condoned? Why is it OK for crazy fundamentalist Muslims to act this way? Why is it not surprising they freak out over cartoons run MONTHS ago? When are we going to wake up and realize there is no appeasement, there is no compromise. This is a war of culture, and we are not prepared to win.

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