February 6, 2006

Monday Musings

I am somewhat saddened and disappointed that there was not a single cry of "disgusting", or accusations of bad taste for this weekend's cartoons. I found both funny, but I was sure at least one of you would find them offensive Have I trained my readers to accept the light and embrace all things Hoosierboy? Have you become my minions, following my every word like dittoheads and parrotheads? Send me money. I am going to quit wasting my good stuff on you ungrateful bastards.

The Superbowl was boring. The wife suggested we get a pizza for supper as I was watching the game. I thought that was a good idea until she handed me money and told me to go pick it up. Wide receiver Randel El sure can throw a beautiful pass, huh?

I am going to see a speech by President George H. Bush on March 2. I have never seen a President live, it should be interesting. I had a chance to see Clinton, but the very thought made me ill.

I need a vacation.

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