March 3, 2006

George H. Bush

I had the distinct pleasure of attending the 150th Anniversary Lecture Series at Butler University last night. The speakers included the Mayor of Indianapolis, The Governor of Indiana and President George H. Bush. I got tickets through, and got to attend with, my daughter. She is a freshman at Butler (3.89 first semester thanks you).

The President was an engaging, charming and funny speaker. Let me paraphrase on of his vignettes.
I was a little disappointed there were so few protesters here. In the old days I attracted some really wild ones. You have not seen vapid, hate filled protesting until you are Republican President going to give a speech in San Francisco. I was being assaulted from every side when one especially nasty woman approached my limo. She was not only dressed nasty, she was really, really ugly. This remarkedly ugly woman was holding a sign and screaming at the car "stay out of my womb". I wanted to open the window and tell her "That, lady, will not be a problem".

The speech was filled with humor and only really broached politics once. President Bush lambasted Jimmah Carter for his remarks at the Corretta King funeral. Bush said not only were the remarks inappropriate for the occasion, but the claim the current President would deliberately withhold aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina because of a person's race is beyond ridiculous. I could not agree more. Carter has become an irrelevant barking moonbat (in the true sense of the word). He needs to just shut up and go away.

In the end, I had a most enjoyable evening. It is the first time I have seen a President live, and I will treasure the memory. Thanks Daughter for the opportunity.

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