March 4, 2006

No weekend cartoon

Usually I work up the weekend posts on Thursday or Friday. I have had a busy week, so you get no cartoons. Instead I will offer my favorite joke of all time. I am in no mood for punctuation, so deal with it. There are also some stereotypes, get over that too.

A guy took a part-time job at an adult bookstore. After a few hours of training the owner felt comfortable leaving for lunch. He told the trainee that weekdays were slow. If he had any doubts, the owner said he trusted the guy's judgment.

After a while a lady came in looking for a dildo. The guy pointed to a magnificent array of vibrators and dildos arranged on the shelf behind the counter.

"How much is that white one?" asked the lady. He told her it was a good choice for only $10.

"Oooohh, how much for that bigger brown one?" He told her it was $20.

"wow, let me see that big black dildo". The man handed her a huge 12 inch dildo, telling her the price was $30.

Suddenly, in the corner, the woman spotted the biggest dildo she had ever seen. It was big and round and she became exited just thinking of the pleasure the device would give her. "How much for that plaid one?" she asked.

"Ahhh, that is rare" the man said. It is imported, so the price is $50. The woman happily paid the price and left the store.

Some time later the owner returned and asked how it went. "Not bad", said the trainee, "I just sold your Thermos for 50 bucks."

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