March 6, 2006

Hit the Road Jack

A few weeks ago my wonderful wife gifted me an iPod. A most cool and generous gift to be sure (doubtless it was a guilty conscious on her part). I have been ripping my favorite CDs since.

I had at one time a nice vinyl collection. Over time I have replaced my favorites onto CD. There are a few exceptions like Herb Albert. I kept those albums only for the cover art on Whipped Cream and Other Delights. One of the greatest album covers ever, IMO.

As I was going through my CDs I realized some of my favorite bands have held up well over time. CSN, Yes, Pink Floyd, Clapton, The Beatles,The Stones and of course Sinatra all still entertain me. Traffic, Jethro Tull,the Moody Blues are ageless. I ripped only selected cuts from Mellencamp.

Some artists have not survived the ages. In particular I find I can no longer listen to the Boss. I have seen Springsteen in concert, and he remains the greatest live performer ever. I would not go to a free concert today. I once spent hours listening to The River, Badlands, Darkness on the Edge of Town. His live concert set was a favorite. Today I turn him off when he comes on the radio. I have similar reactions to The Doobie Brothers, the recipients of my very first concert ticket dollars.

As we grow older our tastes change. Why do some of my favorites from my youth resonate still? Pink Floyd, Yes, and CSN still are in my listening rotation more than other artists. I find them lyrically and musically interesting still. Other artists from the same generation just leave me bored.

Sorry Bruce,sorry John, sorry Supertramp, my brothers Doobie, and even you Eagles, I have left you. I love you no more. You bore me, and you will not be moving to my iPod.

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