April 20, 2006

3for HB Answers, Round One

First up is JT ( I will get a link added by tomorrow, I promise)

1) What exactly does "suitable answers" mean? Suitable to me, or to you? (This counts as one question, so don't even try it...) Suitable to me of course. If you do not like the answer, you may appeal.

2) Why do you hate mimes? They are not funny, nor entertaining. They are creepy, maybe it is from too many viewings of A Clockwork Orange. Mostly I do not get the mime thing.

3) Can I have $100? YES! Just do not expect me to give it to you. If you find a source, let me know and I will split the $100 60/40.

Next I will address the questions from ralphd00d:

1. What was the last book you read? Book number 2 from the Bolitho series by Alexander Kent -- I would rate it as a 6 out of 10.

2. What is the "best" book you have read? This is very hard. I have read most of Louis L'Amour's books several times over. I have read In Harms Way every year since I was about 12 or 14. Flight of the Intruder ranks pretty high. I guess I have recommend the Brotherhood of War series pretty highly as well.

3. When reading a newspaper, do you read front to back, or do you skip to different sections (ie. Sports, funnies, news, etc)? I like to read from front to back, I hate jump pages, so often I do not finish a story. I rarely read human interest stories or celebrity crap. I like the sports and comics, but I always read front to back. Ilike to read the paper first before it gets all crinkly and messed up.

Finally, I will answer woodswalk -- great pics on your blog!

1. Have you ever seen a homeless person in Indianapolis? I have seen panhandlers and bums -- I am not sure if they were homeless or not. When my wife worked downtown she was accosted by bums regularly.

2. If so, how many at one time? 2-3?. I have not seen them sleeping in storefronts etc. like I saw in Chicago.

3. Do you think people who hold up the "work for food signs" really want to work? Or maybe I should ask if you've ever seen one. Just two weeks ago I asked one of these guys with a sign if he would come and chop wood for a meal. He told me to F - off. There used to be a guy at the exit of 465 and Keystone (near Keystone at the Crossing)who was always there. I pointed out to him that if he could afford a new moped, he did not need to beg. An hour later when we went by the moped was lying down in the ditch and covered up with branches.

Otter, You do not want to go down this road. I will change the password and burn you alive. I may have skeletons -- you have whole cemeteries my brother.

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