April 20, 2006

Three Questions for Hoosierboy

When I was working I pushed myself to write posts before work and at lunchtime. Longtime readers know I always had something to say, never mind the quality. Now that I have more leisure time, I find I cannot even offer you quantity (forget quality). Thus, in a desperate move I offer a new feature to my kind and wonderful readers (Hey -- you said you hated the Wednesday Quiz). I will call the feature Three Questions for Hoosierboy. You should imagine the deep voiced announcer, with just a tinge of echo intoning the title -- Three Questions for Hoosierboy -- like a god on Olympus.

The way the game works is that any reader is allowed to ask me three questions on any topic. You can not ask more than three at each visit. I will provide suitable answers. Come on and play, it will be fun. Ask me about myself, my family, my work, history, geography, sports, politics, any subject is fair game. I have often stated my life goal is to be able to carry on an intelligent discussion on any given subject -- here is a chance to see if a lifetime of self-education has worked.

There might even be prizes! Jeez you are gullible. No prizes. I will give a free link to anyone who asks three questions and requests a link!!! Ask away...

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