April 9, 2006

Did I make a mistake?

As I type that title, I am laughing hysterically. If you know me, you already could guess what my answer will be -- I am never wrong. A reader commented on this post at my wordpress mirror site (Do not go over there, I have not updated in a while and mostly it is the same stuff you see here). The reader said my story of Jane Fonda and Ted Turner getting kicked out of a restaurant was false.

I worked for Sir scotts Oasis and happened to be a server there the night Ted and Jane came in, and the story isn't true, they didn't have reservations and we told them we were sorry, they made reservations the following evening.
Scott isn't old enough to be a Viet Nam Vet

Comment by lori moore April 8, 2006 @ 6:38 am

This piqued my interest, I want to provide "just the facts ma'am" to the readers of FII. So off into the Ethernet I went, seeking truth and justice. As usual in these cases, I will take the word of the people at Snopes, and they say the story is false . Too bad, I would like to see that traitorous scum get her comeuppance. When I am king of the world, Jane Fonda -- traitor to your country -- will be executed in a most painful way.

So, I guess my post was incorrect. I will refuse to take the fall, I presented it as an email I received. Also, until I get proof, I do not accept that Lori Moore was present at the restaurant. I think she is a liberal asshat out to salvage Jane Fonda's reputation. Get a life Lori.

I will also publish this at the wordpress site.

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