April 18, 2006

Doing my civic duty

I went to cast an absentee ballot this afternoon. I will be traveling and learning my new job when the Indiana Primary Elections roll around in May. I took a Republican ballot, as is my wont. For the first time I had to show a picture ID. I still do not understand how the Democrats can be so against this policy -- they are the ones always screaming about vote fraud (that somehow only happens in Democrat controlled precincts). This time I felt like I was back in high school -- the ballot was a fill-in-the-circle with a number 2 pencil affair. Last time I had to mark the candidate with a colored pencil, I remember.

There was little choice on the ballot, most of the offices were uncontested. I would like to have seen an actual conservative run against Richard Luger for US Senate, but it is unlikely a contender could have unseated the former Indy mayor. I voted against one guy solely on his sponsorship of an anti-smoking bill locally. I do not smoke cigarettes (I find them disgusting)and I often avoid any restaurant that is smoky. That is my right. The government has no business intruding on private business. Given the entire city (and county) governments are Republicans, I am disgusted to see such nanny state legislation. One of the supporters of the smoking ordinance was canvassing the neighborhood on Saturday for votes. He did not make it to my house before I left. I would have given him a bit of my mind. Hell, all of the candidates probably have me on a big DO NOT VISIT list! Fuck 'em.

Baseball practice tonight for both the rec and travel teams. We will have games all weekend. I am pumped. I love baseball. Cubbies are on a roll. Is Maddox impressive or what?

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