April 27, 2006

Gloom, Despair

I have lots to say to you. I want to post a discussion of the 14th Amendment. I have further words for GW and the Senate. I have posts about the lack of vision and rampant hypocrisy of the Dimocrits. I have anecdotes, and humor. What I do not have is time. I do not have time to post as much as I like, nor time to read blogs.

I beg your indulgence the next few weeks. I am not going away, life just gets in the way of hobbies sometimes. New job, baseball, trying to build an addition, etc. BTW, JT, the idea of someone moving out did not go over very well. I think the unanimous vote was for me to go! You can expect more cartoons, pictures, jokes and short posts. I might even have a guest post or two.

Thanks to all of you for your indulgence.

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