April 6, 2006

Its up to you New York, New York

I'm off on Friday to the big apple, the City that never sleeps for a job interview. It is with one of my former competitors. I am more than qualified, now I just have to convince them to hire me, close the deal. It looks to be similar pay, better benefits. Of course I will have to overcome the East Coast bias for anyone who speaks slower or with an accent. I have already been warned by the wife that not everyone appreciates my dry and sarcastic sense of humor.

I have to land at LaGuardia and drive across the city. I am less than thrilled about that, but what the hell, we have to do what we have to do. It cannot be any worse than the time I was tossed keys to the car in Utrecht, The Netherlands and told to take the car to the Frankfurt Germany airport, can it? I have driven in Philly, Detroit, LA, and Chicago, I will be fine. I will have probably 4-5 hours layover waiting on my return flight if you want to come to the airport and have a drink with me. I will be in the blue pinstripe suit.

On a separate and personal note, Thanks Jim, your kindness is beyond words.

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