April 8, 2006

Saturday, In the Park...

A big thank you for all of the kind words and encouragement you have offered me.

The drive through Queens and the Bronx offered no significant challenges yesterday, I passed right by Yankee Stadium there on Exit 5. While I loathe the Yankees, it was cool to see the house that Ruth built. The most challenging part of the day was sitting in the airport for about 7 hours while the flights were delayed by storms in the Midwest. Anyway, I left home at 6:00 am, I returned at 1:15 am. A long day indeed.

The interviews (4 + hours worth) went well, I think. I did all I could on my part. As I expected, I got a comment on my accent. To those of you from the South, it is not Southern at all, it is the accent of the Midwest, especially of those who live south of I-70. You know what I mean. For New Englanders, I guess I sound like I am from Texas or Kentucky, I don't know. For many, there is a strong belief that if you speak at a less-than-machine gun pace, and have an accent, you must be stupid. I suppose it is an indication of my comfort level that I relaxed and slipped into my normal accent, as usually I try to maintain a neutral news reader tone.

I do not have a cartoon to post, I have several saved on my laptop, but it is at the office. You get my words instead.

The first baseball practices for the little one's rec league begin today. It will be very cool (a high of 50, maybe). I am managing the team this year. It looks as if we will be a strong contender, time will tell. The little one also plays on a travel team. I will try not to bore you with the details.

The Cubs beat the Cards behind a strong performance by the ageless Greg Maddox. That guy has to be a sure bet for the Hall of Fame.

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