April 14, 2006

Life and other things

I am sitting on the deck. The temperature is a perfect 72 with low humidity. The sky is a bright blue with a thin veil of high-up clouds. The grass is a brilliant emerald green after the thunderstorms in the early-morning hours. A slight breeze sends ripples across the lake. The iPod is turned to loud, Traffic, Pink Floyd, Yes, and believe it or not, Frank Sinatra bring a wiggle to my toes and a tap to my foot on the rough wood. The wife and kids are at work and school -- a March snow day make-up. I am thinking about lunch, and the work I should be doing. Admittedly, I am not thinking too much about weeding the flower beds and cleaning the garage. The dust on the furniture and sweeping the carpets can wait.

It is a perfect day as Crosby, Stills and Nash now serenade me with their sweet harmonies. If you are so inclined, thank God for his blessings on this Holy Weekend. I know I will. It is a Good Friday in many ways.

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