April 14, 2006


I am about to reveal a facet of my life that may result in a delinking of this blog at several sites. I already am prepared for the comments of anger, disappointment even downright diapprobation. Guy, I hope you are sitting and your blood pressure is under control.

I do not fish. I loathe, despise, cannot stand the sport. I can think of many ways better to spend an afternoon. What will make you fishermen out there really cringe is that I live on a lake. I have a 30 foot walk down my yard to a lake filled with catfish, crappie, bluegill, red ear and bass. The bluegill nest each spring right off my shore. Friends have pulled out sunfish as fast as they can bait the hook, sometimes even using canned corn.

You are welcome to come and fish anytime, just do not expect me to participate. I will set on my deck and drink a beer or a coke with you. I will listen to some music. I will not fish. Sorry.

The picture is looking south from my deck, and shows the narrow part of the U-shaped lake. You can see some ducks in the lake, and a great blue heron behind the neighbor's boat. Note: I must have been drinking when I took the picture, the camera is held crooked, the houses all sit on FLAT level ground -- this is Indiana.

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