May 11, 2006

Illegal Immigration -- the side you do not see

My 17 year old son is again in the job market. He has been applying and looking for a suitable part-time job for a few weeks. For teenage boys, the job market is increasingly tough. Fast food, grocers and such are hiring immigrants to do the jobs once held by teens. I understand why. Immigrants can work more hours and are not subject to child labor laws. Immigrants are not in school, so they do not ask off for dances and ball games. They work hard, taking advantage of the opportunity. They in many cases, may be an upgrade from a smart assed , pimply faced, angst-ridden teenager.

They take the jobs from teenaged Hoosiers. They take the summer lawn care jobs, the painting, the roofing, the roadwork. They are the busboys, cooks, and cleaners. We are told, as Americans, we should be thankful for the influx of Hispanics, legal and otherwise because they do the jobs ordinary Americans do not want. I call bullshit. They are taking jobs from my son and many others who want to make some money for college, for a car, for a date on a Saturday night.

Go home.


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Anonymous said...

Experience is the best teacher. Experience is the name every one gives to his mistakes. (W. Scott)

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