May 9, 2006

Quality is job 1

That used to be Ford's slogan. I now know why they do not use it any more. The new car had a bad connector on the alternator, and a bad alternator. Of course it was covered by warranty. That does not lessen the aggravation factor.

It is a beautiful; day at the Hoosierboy Homestead. The weather quacks are predicting rain for the next several days. Between the weather and the job, it looks like no baseball practice this week. I am sure the boys do not mind, but we need it. Of course the little one spent about an hour bouncing tennis balls off the garage and fielding the ball. For him it is fun -- it takes all kinds I guess.

I am off later today to have new tires put on my Durango. I know it is going to be financially painful, but I have more than 100,000 miles on that set, so I should not complain.

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