May 13, 2006

Luck, be a lady tonight

The baseball games were rained out last night, and today does not look good either. So many parts of the country really need the rain, yet we are doused for weeks at a time. Mother Nature is a fickle bitch. The spate of cold temperatures continues with highs on the 40s. This is May for goodness sake, enough already. We have not planted flowers or tomatoes, it has been too wet or cold every weekend. It looks as if I will be buying my 'maters from the farmers market again this year.

For the first time in a long time there will be no weekend cartoons this week. Will anyone notice? Will anyone care? I will get high speed cable internet next week, everyone is excited. It is my understanding I can then get a wireless router and more than one person can be on the internet at once. Is this true? My kids will be thrilled if so. The best part is my company will pay for it!

Do you believe in karma, luck, fate? Do you believe the unseen hand of Fortuna is guiding our lives with her Wheel of Fortune? Does God have a book with our lives mapped out? Are our days numbered? Can we change that karma, that luck? Is a family really cursed with bad luck? Is it random chance that you win the lottery, blow that tire, break that leg, find the ten spot on the sidewalk? Is your daily attitude and level of optimism tied to your level of luck? Is it all just a bunch of horseradish?

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