May 14, 2006

And the rain came

Raining. Still. What do we have -- 3-4 inches this weekend? They say it might quit by Wednesday. The weatherman says it will start again Thursday. I think we have had rain 15 of the last 25 days or so. Cold, wet March weather brings me no joy on this Mothers Day. Piss and moan, I know there are people who need the rain far more than those of us in the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. I would be glad to share the rain, if you sent a little sunshine and warmth this way. It is May 14 and the damn furnace is running.

I went to buy cards for my wife and my mom yesterday. The choices at the local Hallmark all sucked. It was not that they were the picked over remains of the early shoppers and conscientious husbands, sons, and daughters, they were just stupid, bland and boring. Good work Hallmark. Hey, you can recycle some of the good cards from yesteryear. I bought a couple of stupid ones anyway...Thank You Mother yadda yadda.

I do not yet know our plans for today. Were supposed to play ball, but the other team cancelled, too many moms complaining. My wife asked what is wrong with those women -- what is a better Mothers Day than spending it with your family? See, she is smart -- not only did she pick me, she has common sense. We may drive the 1-1/2 hours each way to see our Moms today. We shall see.

For all you Moms out there, thanks for all you do. Happiest of days to you. Kick that lazy husband/son/daughter and make them cook you up a nice barbecue on the grill, take you out to a nice dinner, or pour that Stouffers onto the good plates today. Happy Mothers Day.

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