May 15, 2006

Monday, Monday

We are bursting at the seams here at the old homestead. We live in a at-best modest 1400 square foot home with 3 bedroom, 2 bath. Not a large house by any standard. There are five of us here, the boys share a room (not always happily).

Now that I have to work from home, we need to find a place for a desk, a chair, files, catalogues, etc. etc. The daughter has returned home from college with her truckload (literally) of stuff. As the wife is a packrat, the garage is full, the attic is full, the rented storage shed is full. I am about to go nuts. They are coming to put in new business lines for the home office today, and I do not know where to tell them to install. Ultimately we are going to build part of the garage into a bedroom and office, but in the interim we have no space at the old inn. I suppose I will run the lines into the garage and ask them to leave lots of extra wire.

GW is set to give us his view of immigration tonight. If his plan includes any type of amnesty, guest worker etc., namely anything that does not include sending them back, closing the border, and punishing employers who hire illegals, I am done. This man has ignored those that put him into office long enough. His Iraq plan is non-existent, he has allowed the Stupid Party to spend at will, and is too soft on immigration. If the Republicans can not find their conservative way we will soon be blessed with another 50 years of Democrat control. I am not sure we can survive more big government. My wish for today (other than that winning lottery ticket) is for the ghost of Ronald Reagan to visit GW while he takes his nap, and set him on the path of less government, fair taxation, closed borders, and America first foreign policy. I know, I am the one dreaming.

I hate politicians.

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