September 13, 2006

Wires and plugs

I put the computer back together, the wires and plugs and connectors were jumbled and twined together like a herd of horny snakes. I got everything hooked up with just one cord left over. I figured WTF, it is like working on a car, you always have a bolt or two left over -- right?

The monitor did not work. I have problems with this particular flat screen monitor just quitting. I had it replaced through the warranty and HP put out a bulletin that it will sometimes just not come on. Shit. I checked again, all of the cables were attached. I plugged the monitor cable into my laptop -- yep it had power. I did the worst thing possible. I will lose my membership in the GUY CLUB. I got out the owner's manual. Aha, the missing cable did go to the monitor -- there was the little hole, I had the plug, but not the transformer and the end that plugged into the monitor. Double shit. I checked back at the old house -- nope. I guess I would have to order a new cable the next day. I began to put the games and stuff back into the cabinet. I mentioned to my son there were some games missing. He remembered seeing that box. After a frantic search the games were located. The missing cable was in the box! The day was saved, Dad was a hero not a Goober.

Lots of stuff is still missing, that is what happens when people help you move. I cannot believe my best friend and parents stole stuff. It is that or I just cannot find which box where they stashed the important stuff like silverware. I am leaning towards theivery. My wife says I am weird and paranoid. I think she just might be in on the plot.

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