October 27, 2006

Friday Five

I had some serious heartburn last night. I was up from about 3:15 until 6:30. I got up for work before 8:00. Since I went to bed after 1:30, let's see, I had...well, I was a history major, so the answer is...not much sleep.

What? You ask why was I up so late? I was reading. My wife bought me the last of the Sharpe Books (except for the one that just came out in hardcover)by Bernard Cornwell. Can you believe this -- I only had about 30 pages to go when I went to bed? That knowledge alone is probably what made me sick to my stomach.

In that vein, here is your challenge for this week's Friday Five:

Name your five favorite literary characters.

Here is my list in no particular order:

1. Jake Grafton from the novels by Stephen Coonts
2. Richard Sharpe from the Sharpe Series by Bernard Cornwell
3. Huck Finn
4. Robin Hood
5. Serge from the novels of Tim Dorsey (these are hilarious)

If I do not post again today, have a great weekend. I hope you get laid.

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