October 26, 2006

Just like Willie

I am on the road again today, just like Willie, only without the drugs, drink, and groupies. I am taking the Really Big Boss and his entourage to see more of my customers. I hope this buyer does not do what a customer did to me once. We were on a similar PR visit with my new boss and the customer shook my hand and said "It is nice to finally meet you after all these years. I would think you would visit at least once before you bring in your boss pretending to know our company." He kept a straight face and only told my boss the truth after the meeting. I visited this customer EVERY Month, even though they were in South Carolina and I was in Indiana. This same guy once told a new receptionist to throw me out, he would never buy from my company. I told her I was not leaving, he had to pass the door sometime. She sat there open mouthed in shock. Barry came around the corner laughing his ass off. I miss some of my old customers.

Oh well, just a day trip. Back tonight. So far the answers to the post below are great, but I need more. Ask yourself this: "What have I done for the Hoosierboy lately?" You will know what to do.

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