October 4, 2006

Hello Walls

We had an interesting discussion over pizza last night. My oldest boy said he would like to have a job like mine, he said he likes to drive and travel. Me too, once. Do not get me wrong, I cannot remember the last time I woke up and said "I do not want to work today", but the glamour and adventure is long gone. I am not sure it ever existed.

Look, I realize I have traveled all over the world and seen things most of you never will, all on the company's expense. I have met wonderful people, eaten great food. I have climbed the stairs on the Eiffel Tower. I have ridden a train through the Rhine valley seeing castles and vineyards. I have toured the red light districts of Hamburg and Amsterdam. I have drank beer in the royal cities of Austria, admiring the alpine lakes (honestly, I considered staying). I have seen the magnificence of the Cascades, met the wonderful people of the South. I have been to the great cities of the world, New York, London, Chicago, Paris.

I have also seen the other side, the traffic jams, the long hours of "windshield" time. I have dined alone, stayed in thousands of hotel rooms. It is such aspects that depress me to no end any more. Here I sit, The Breakfast Club playing in the background, bored out of my mind. At least I am staying at a Holiday Inn Express. Tomorrow should be great! Two customer visits and about 8 hours of driving, minimum. It all depends on the vagaries of the Chicago Expressway system. Most of you, if you have been reading here for a while, recognize the "poor HB" post this is becoming. I crank one of these out about every three months. Do not worry, I will have a joke, a funny story, a classic rant in the coming days.

Hey, things are looking up already, I got one of the surveys from the restaurant -- I might win $25K. You never know. Look at the bright side, when I am bored, you get more of my ramblings!

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