October 4, 2006

As I wretch over the toilet

The whole Foley mess makes me sick. The fact that the pervert is a Republican is not germane to the discussion. A sick fuck is a sick fuck. If the Democrats held on to the evidence this guy was hitting on kids for some political evidence, shame on them.

Look, crooks, and dickweeds come in all stripes, democrat and republican, liberal and conservative. The fact Foley longs to suck little boys has nothing to do with how the Republicans run the country. The fact that Teddy Kennedy is a lying murderer has nothing to do with how Democrats run the country.

The fact that when caught doing ( or trying) to do the nasty, Foley resigned, while that lying bribe taking crook Jackson stays in office does say a lot for the approach certain people take to public office and their views on integrity.

To claim that the Republicans are unfit to hold office because of this guy is ridiculous. Arguments to the contrary are welcome.

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