October 3, 2006

A scary story

My wife works as an aide in Kindergarten. Some of her duties include periodic recess supervision. Usually there are two teachers / aides for about 60-80 children. The school where she works is a great public school. All of my kids attended that school. The school abuts a cemetery and the playground is adjacent to the maintenance buildings for the cemetery. There is a dead ground (no pun intended) so the kids do not wander in to the cemetery. I mean to indicate there is a clear separation of the properties. This is the setting for our terrifying tale.

Every day the kids go out to play, in shifts, so there is often kids on the playground for several hours straight. At the cemetery works a scary man. He has twice gone to prison. I am sure his options for work are few. You see, he is a twice convicted child molester. He does not live near the school, so he is not in violation of the law, and he is duly registered (that is how the school found out about him). According to the law, there is nothing the school can do. The cemetery will not fire him as he is reportedly a good worker, and they would then be open to various discrimination laws. The real fault is such a person should never have been hired to begin with to work next to a school. As I understand the law, the cemetery was not allowed to ask why the man went to prison.

I understand the man has paid his price, but studies (and this man's history) show that there is little chance of a "cure" for a child molester. That crime has the highest rate of recidivism among criminals. There is no doubt in my mind this creep soought out work at the cemetery on purpose.

How would you like to be a supervisor of several dozen wild, running, active six year olds, knowing a predator is nearby? There, my friends, is a chilling tale for the Halloween season.

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