October 10, 2006

The view from here

Here are a few more pictures for your enjoyment. The first is my flower beds at the old house this time last year.
Here is a picture of the brook/creek/rivulet/ditch behind the new house.That is my bridge in the foreground. The brook is about two feet across and runs from two to ten inches deep, depending on the rainfall.

How crazy is the weather? It was almost 80 degrees on Sunday. It was 75 yesterday, with highs expected near 70 today. The weather quacks are calling for snow flurries on Thursday. Of course that will be the story and the "Storm Team" will be doing their best to incite over-hype and panic. I guess I better rush to the store now, every time it snows there is a run on bread and eggs. Hoosiers must like to make french toast when it snows.

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