October 29, 2006

Whaa Whaa Boo hoo

Geez, I will sure be glad when Halloween is over. I hate scary/horror/monster movies and that is about all you can find on TV during October.

The Colts do not play until late again this week. I cannot believe they are the underdogs against Denver. One analyst actually believes the Colts will fail to score a touchdown. The current Colts have one of the most prolific offenses in NFL history, no one has stopped them in the last several years. I will allow the possibility the defense will give up more points than the Colts can score, or that they will allow Denver to stay on the field so long that Manning and company cannot score, but I do not believe that Denver can prevent the Colts from reaching the end zone -- several times. I read a stat the other day, the Colts have won the last 25 regular season games when they had the starters on the field and something to play for (ie; playoff spots/home field etc.).

Now that the trees are losing their leaves, I can actually see the neighbors behind me. One good thing is the wind blew all of the leaves away from the yard -- no raking for HB! Those big old sycamore leaves are a bitch.

What the hell is up with blogger? I do not like to complain about a free service, but the last few weeks it has been very difficult to post. Has anyone tried the new Beta version?

Have a good Sunday.

edit. I have now been trying to post this damn thing since 9 am this morning -- 12+ hours.

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