October 30, 2006

Episode Six -- Nightmare on My Street.

My front Door is a fancy thing with cut glass decorating the top half. You enter the door and are in a small vestibule that leads to the living room. The computer is right at the junction of this hallway and the living room. If I look right while typing this, I can look out the front door.

I have mentioned here before that I rarely dream, and if I do, I can never remember the dream. Last night was an exception.

In my dream I am sitting at the computer looking at blogs, keeping up with my ethernet friends. My pants are around my ankles and I am watching "squirter" videos at Big Dick's Place. The doorbell rings. I can see a young woman looking in through the glass. I jump up, trip over the jeans wrapped around my ankles. She is looking right at me and she can see my erect manhood saluting her. I crawl to the adjacent hall and pull up my pants. The underwear are bunched around my thighs and beneath my ass cheeks. She rings the bell again. I open the door and there stands a petite brunette. Her cheeks are rosy in the cool autumn air. Mine are red with embarrassment. I am sure she can still see my erection. She tells me God sent her and offers me the Jehovah's Witness magazine. I tell her thanks but I am busy. She does not protest and beats a hasty retreat. I do not think this encounter is the stuff of porn legend.

Doctor Freud, please call your office.

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